Selling a Complete Underwater Photography Kit with Canon 7D

Selling a Complete Underwater Photography Kit with Canon 7D

Selling a complete underwater photography kit With Canon 7d for £2,990

My beloved equipment, camera , lenses, housing, ports and strobes need to go!

It is time to give farewell to my beloved underwater photography kit. I upgraded to full-frame some time ago and used this only as a backup.

It was never flooded. All components for macro and wide-angle are in. Insert fresh AA batteries into strobes and you are ready to go.

The set comes in a sturdy Pelican case, allowed as a hand-luggage on most airlines.

What is included?

  • Canon 7D body – low usage, boxed
  • Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM macro lens – decorative ring broken, no impact on the functionality, boxed
  • Tokina AT-X 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 DX Fisheye Lens – Canon Mount, boxed
  • Nauticam NA-7D housing with optical bulkheads – purchased and serviced at Nauticam UK / Underwater Visions
  • Nauticam Macro Port 41 for Canon 60 mm – deep scratch on glass (luggage handling), no impact on the functionality
  • Nauticam 8.5” acrylic fisheye dome port – repairable scratches on the dome port, shade broken and repaired
  • Repair kit for acrylic dome ports
  • Nauticam focus gear TC1017-Z for Tokina AT-X 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 Fisheye DX
  • Fantasea Nano focus light
  • 2x Inon Z-240 with warm and cold diffusers
  • 2x optical cable for Inon Z-240 (repaired but fully functional)
  • 2x 6″ Stix arm with 2 jumbo floats
  • 2x 9″ Stix arm with 3.5 large floats
  • 6x standard clamp

All for only £2,990.

The complete set.
The set comes with a hand-luggage Pelican case.

Most of the photographs on this website have been taken with this equipment.

Some More Accessories to Consider.

These things also need to go:

  • Zen 100mm Optical Glass Dome Port for Tokina 10-17 and Nauticam – pristine £590 (new £830)
  • Deepshots Z Tentacle Solid core fibre optic snoot for Inon Z-240 and D-2000 £60 (new £109)
  • TTL Synccord 4103.51 Ikelite strobe to Ikelite bulkhead £50 (new £97)
  • SOLD: Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4x DGX for Canon – pristine, boxed £79 (new £139)
  • SOLD: Nauticam Enhanced 180° viewfinder – used £790 (new £1,132)


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