Would You Make an Outrageous Change of Career? ... Really?

November 10, 2017  •  6 Comments

Imagine that you stand in front of a choice. The first option is to continue a pleasant and secure life for you and your family. No strings attached. The other option is that you follow your dream. If you succeeded, you and your family would live the dream forever. If you failed, you might lose everything.

What would you choose?

A year ago, my job ceased to exist due to a company takeover. Things happen, heh? I realised that I could make my dreams real – to become a photographer and an author while providing a happy life to my family.

Some of the people I talked to about the dream considered the safe option as the only possibility,

 – “Good luck with your plan. Do you have a publisher yet? Get a job!”.

Some favoured the risky alternative,

 – “It is so exciting! Can you sign a copy for me when it's out?”

Photograph from Khara Woods on UnsplashPhotograph from Khara Woods on Unsplash In the beginning, I was the chicken from that tale about a chicken and a pig planning a breakfast for their farmer. Our family lived from savings, and writing the book was seen as my jolly. I had enough time to find a proper job if needed. If you did not check out the story, the spoiler is that the chicken donates the egg and doesn't commit to the cause. However, they still need the bacon.

The writing took more time than expected. The family reserves became thinner every week and the consequences grave. The pressure to abandon the dream and to find a regular job rose overwhelmingly.

Was it the time to chicken out?

I made the risky choice to focus on the book and nothing else. When I saw the hesitation, tears and fear of failure in the closest family, I knew I became the pig.

After several months of long days and nights, I sent the finished files to the printing company. Other authors and industry experts were enthusiastic. I became a marketer.

This story is far from finished. I look around with my eyes open, and I sleep with one hand on an emergency brake. I believe it will be a success, but it can go terribly wrong!

Watch this space. ... and share your story, I am interested!


Daniel Kratky(non-registered)
Hey Joseph, my friend,
I am familiar with such "intersections of choices" and my experience is this. Anytime I did things in harmony with my intuition and heart I experienced the most valuable and rewarding periods of my life. I felt enormous boosts of energy, joy and happiness And this is by itself priceless.

'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.' Paulo Coelho, The Alchemyst

Fingers crossed for You Pepi ;-)

Ps: I would like to buy your book. How to do it to get it with your signature?
Cristina Popovici(non-registered)
Yes, I like your realism. Following your dream is not always as pink as we see it in the movies or presented by inspirational speakers on TED. But it is so brave and extraordinary!
And I believe you also need a bit of luck, so best of luck from me!!!
Tim Salisbury(non-registered)
Great to see you take the leap and wishing you every success.
Edna D. Parsons(non-registered)
How beautiful the first scene is . Great captured you have shared . Feeling glad after seeing your post .
Ashley Teppler(non-registered)
I'll be glad to say I knew you before you became a successful author. All the best Josef.
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