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by Josef Litt

Make the most of your trip with Josef’s GALÁPAGOS, much more than just a travel guide. One of the best books about the islands ever created.

with Josef Litt

Explore extraordinary places on expeditions brimming with fun and adventure. Benefit from Josef’s local knowledge and photography skills.

by Josef Litt

Enjoy a portfolio of breathtaking and internationally awarded images taken around the world, underwater, on land and from the air.


Written and published by Josef Litt in 2018 as the first book of the Mostly Underwater Books imprint.

It is a thorough and beautifully documented journey through the archipelago covering everything you need to know from the brutal and bloody history of the islands to the incredible story of their unique wildlife.

Graeme Gourley

Editor-in-Chief, Geographical Magazine and DIVE Magazine

I suspect this book was conceived from an uncontrollable passion which led to a self-inflicted dedication of both time and finance. Most of the time that can be a dangerous and destructive cocktail but, in this case, that cocktail is most definitely champagne.

Peter Rowlands

Editor and Publisher, Underwater Photography Magazine

What an outstanding piece of work by a talented photographer and writer. He answered every question that I had about the visit and through the quality of his illustrations and photography inspired me to work hard on my own photography! I would recommend it for fellow travellers or anybody who wants a true sense of what these islands are about. A fine book!

Amazon Customer

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Josef Litt leads a handful of carefully selected and crafted expeditions to places he knows extremely well. He shares his wealth of knowledge in captivating and entertaining way. Be it first-hand stories or photography advice, Josef’s guests receive a special treatment way above standard, making their trip an experience of a lifetime.

Sold Out: Palau Diving Expedition aboard Ocean Hunter III

9–17 November 2018
Two spaces opened on a fully booked Palau diving trip aboard Ocean Hunter III in November 2018. Escape cold and wet autumn weather and spend a week diving the spectacular reefs and wrecks of West Micronesia with Josef Litt, author and photographer! 

Price: 98,900 Kč (approx. £3,550)

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Galapagos Diving Expedition aboard Majestic Explorer

18 January – 25 January 2020

World-class diving with Josef Litt to encounter hammerheads and Galapagos sharks at Wolf and Darwin Island, and also marine iguanas at Fernandina. Seven nights aboard the luxury-class yacht Majestic Explorer.

Combine with the Island Cruise into a two-week trip of a lifetime and save £750!

Price: £4,600 (flights excluded)

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Galapagos Cruise aboard Majestic Explorer

25 January – 1 February 2020

Explore eight islands with Josef Litt to see their volcanic vistas, giant tortoises, marine iguanas and bird colonies. Snorkel with turtles, rays and perhaps even sharks. Seven nights aboard the luxury-class yacht Majestic Explorer.

Combine with the Diving Expedition into a two-week trip of a lifetime and save £750!

Price: £4,745 (flights excluded)

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Enjoy portfolio of award-winning images Josef Litt took in the Galapagos and around the world. Check the blog for new photographs from recent expeditions.

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